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SCE Staffing Solutions uses technology to help deliver safe events and traffic management. We have built an in-house system that runs payroll, invoicing, timekeeping and scheduling. The system data analyses sickness levels and lateness looking and data mines traffic, weather, public transport and we intend to use the data to ensure that we book enough staff to cover illness and give staff forewarning of traffic, adverse weather and delays on public transport so staff have the opportunity to be on site on time.

The nature of the contracts we have with staff mean they’re allowed to drop out up to twenty four hours before an event. However, our system picks up on this and sends out a push notification to all staff not working during the shift period. The scheduling system also ensures that staff get an eleven hour break. It also ensures staff get at least a day off a week and four days including two consecutive days off over a fortnight.

We do not promise staff a goodnights sleep, but we give them time to get one.

We also build electronics systems. The company so far has built a weather station. Currently we are creating in-house communications system with built in mobile CCTV.