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Safety Planning:

How do you start safety planning for an event:

SCE Staffing Solutions can write a full safety plan for your event. From organising site plans and planning the event safety down to the little details. We can organise everything that you need.

Our plans include everything from the equipment you need, to a history of the act and things to be aware of and mitigations we can take.

We will also produce crowd safety plans and crime reduction plans to fit in with the event safety plan. Full risk assessments will be conducted and contingency plans prepared.

We will make ourselves available for any SAG or Safety Group meetings in order to get your event approved by the local authority / police etc.

If we’re involved on the day to provide the safety and security (or the safety officers(s) role) we will ensure the plan is fully enacted upon, the area is safe and the last mile for the crowd is ready.

Our teams are excellent at planning, enacting and enhancing events whilst ensuring that they can be done in a safe and secure manner for your crowd.