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Who are we:

We’re not a Security Company, we’re a Crowd Management and Traffic Management Company, we offer specialists in crowd safety, front of stage, event security and traffic management. Our staff have event safety, planning and traffic management experience. We help clients deliver the events they want whilst ensuring the safety and security of their customers and manage the traffic in and around the event. We form teams that work well together, work as a team to create a safe environment where clients events thrive. Management, delegate responsibilities, set goals and allow you to make decisions within the job role. You won’t find yourself being micro-managed and we find our staff grow in confidence and advance their event safety careers.

Training, Training, Training:

At SCE Staffing Solutions we offer lots of opportunities to learn new skills and qualifications. Our company believes in multi skilling the staff, this allows staff to work across many different sections of event safety and traffic management.

NVQ’s in stewarding and front of stage are mandatory and we have qualifications in Traffic Management and Door Supervision.

Other non-qualification courses include ACT Terrorism Awareness, Customer Service Training, Confidence Training, Negotiating and Influencing Training, Radio Etiquette, How to assess your working area rapidly, ground and event regulations and racism and equality training.

Shortly we will be launching our e-learning portal and most of the courses will be online.

We are currently about to begin SIA Door Supervisor training and level 2 in English and Maths.

“The only thing that is worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay.” Henry Ford


Staff welfare is extremely important to the company. We can’t guarantee a good nights sleep, but we do guarantee the time off to get one. The company’s booking system will not offer shifts unless you have an eight hours gap for sleep within a 24 hour period, it will also notify you if you take a shift with less than an eleven hours gap.

We do not penalise staff who turn down shifts to ensure they get a proper rest break.

For short events (such as just the afternoon) you’ll be watered, if possible (based upon the event type) you’ll may also get tea and coffee. Longer events will include breaks and we feed you on shift. Toilet breaks are never a no (but your position may require you request someone to cover you).


Our systems are state of the art, and far and above that of an average crowd safety staff. Through this you can book shifts, track your earnings and do online training.


Wages are just as important as everything else. SCE Staffing Solutions offers some of the most competitive wages for events. As our staff are some of the best in the business, we pay in line with the Living Wage Foundation starting rates of £9.30ph outside of the M25 and £10.75ph inside the M25 and Kent. However due to the nature of our business raises occur in April and not in November.

The business pays higher wages for SIA badged staff and senior crowd safety staff.


Uniform is supplied without deposit. We replace reasonable wear and tear, uniform damaged in the line of duty and uniform that the washing machine rips (on first occasion). We only require staff to replace any uniform they lose.


If you take a shift we do expect you to attend it. You can change your mind on the app up to the 24 hours before your shift. After that we ask that you ring in sick if you need to.

When staff simply don’t turn up they can place safety in jeopardy, upset clients, take work away from other staff who would like to earn and cost the company money & reputation.

SCE Staffing Solutions reserve the right not to offer any additional shifts to staff who fail to turn up to a shift.