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Who are We:

We’re not a Security Company, we’re a Crowd Management and Traffic Management Company, we offer specialists in crowd safety, front of stage, event security and traffic management.

Our staff have event safety, planning and traffic management experience. We help clients deliver the events they want whilst ensuring the safety and security of their customers and manage the traffic in and around the event.

Our teams work together to create safe environments where client’s events thrive, and we can do the same for your event.

What we do:

We have worked everything from small events to large events, have worked at venues with people coming from around the globe to venues that bring in customers from only the local area. We have worked across sports, concerts and events.

Sports we have worked include football, cricket and motorsport. We have worked concerts including rock concerts, pop concerts at both indoor and outdoor venues. Other event work has included location management, film festivals, religious events and fireworks festivals.


Our staff are cross trained in crowd management, front of stage pit and traffic management. Additionally, we teach very basic first aid, ACT Terrorism Awareness and radio etiquette. We train staff in house through our joint-partnership PKS Training Academy. Any training we offer is also available to clients.


We use custom built systems that manage our teams and ensure that staff are booked. Our system runs our invoicing, payroll and uses data science to help deal plan issues including staff sickness. Clients can login and view staff records showing training, proof of background checks and see invoices.

Environmentally Friendly:

Our company currently recycles 93.8% of its waste. For 2020 we plan to recycle 95% of our waste. Our business runs its servers on 100% renewable energy and we are working on reducing our recyclables by switching to reusables.