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Traffic Management:

Traffic managing a safe event is just as important as crowd safety at an event. Traffic management can include anything from car parking to closing roads or street parking. Its ensuring that the traffic is safe around the event, whilst making sure we create the least amount of upset to the stakeholders and local population.

We can create and implement traffic management plans including temporary road closures, parking bay suspensions, traffic movements and car park planning.

Our staff’s basic training includes the banksman’s traffic movement and supervisors are trained in Temporary Traffic Management (sometimes called chapter 8).

Case Study: Religious Festival

For a religious festival we closed a road to parking, organised parking in a local business which we marshalled, had a crew close off a road to part of the site and managed another road with partial access to local sports facilities and a hotel, whilst keeping it clear from parked traffic.

The small team of staff ensured that the clients attendees enjoyed the festival with almost 2,000 vehicle movements and around 5,000 attendees.