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Crowd Management

What is Crowd Management:

Crowd Management is the manipulation of a crowd using a variety of techniques to ensure that the crowd is safe, behaving and doesn’t cause an injury to members of itself.

By using a careful regime of planning, staffing and equipment allowing any crowd to be maintained and significantly reduce incidents of misbehaviour, first aid and danger of crowd crushes.

What kind of Planning can be done?

Protecting crowds can be planned for, design of the site’s layout can help mitigate dangers or break up and isolate behaviours allowing them to be dealt with in a more manageable way. Crowd modelling allows us to know where a crowd will be at any point in the day. We can plan for the amount of safety equipment and the numbers of safety staff for an event.

Planning allows us to flow the crowd in, have them in the venue, then flow them out and allow them to go home safely.

What equipment do you use for Crowd Safety:

Equipment will vary based on the venue. For instances if we close a road we might simply use cones, but if we’re closing a road for a running race we might choose to put a barrier across the road to prevent vehicle access.

Crowd control barriers are a regular feature with pit barriers usually around standing crowds for stage productions such as music festivals.

Places that require massive amounts of bag searches require tables and certain venues might need scanning or security points.

What Staff do I need for Crowd Safety

A common misconception is to have SIA badged staff working crowd safety, but the SIA qualifications doesn’t cover this requirement. However, in reality to look after a crowd you need someone qualified with a stewarding qualification. Front of stage requires PIT qualified staff and traffic management requires traffic management qualifications.

Now SIA staff do have their place in creating secure venues such as searching, providing response teams and protecting the acts.

Medical trained staff are needed to provide emergency cover and fire marshals to deal with any emergency fire needs.

Management and supervisory staff need further training in Crowd Safety.

Many of our staff are qualified in stewarding, front of stage and traffic management. Some of these also have the SIA Door Supervisors qualification.

Whilst they can only do one job at one moment in time, multi skilled staff allow us to change up job roles as required across an event.

We ensure that staff are trained to the right standard for your needs.

So, what’s right for me:

In short, every venue is different, every act is different, and every type of event is different. For instance, you’ll have one plan for Green Day, another for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra yet a completely different plan for a Chelsea Game, and totally different plan for a Marathon.

But no matter what venue, act or event you have planned, we can create a safe event for you.